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postcardx's Journal

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Here is the description of postcardx -- straight from their web site.

"postcardX/flowd is about exposing a part of yourself to a random person somewhere out there in the ether. you can send a postcard with your latest poem or life instance. send a dried flower you found on a walk the evening before. send a box full of trinkets found from your childhood. send that book you just finished. send a mix CD or tape of your music. send that painting that took you 40 hours to a stranger along with a packet of your favorite tea. send a secret.
in essence, send your own special blend of personal giving your receipient pause (and inspiration for their next adventure). the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it; make it a challenge. but, there are no rules except the ones holding you back; go! do what you feel!

make your mark, without leaving a trace
postcardX/flowd attempts to accentuate the randomness and instantaneousness of human connection. it tries to break down social barriers with well-loved packages of self unleashed upon an unknowning receipient. it tries to give moments of happiness, wonder, and wow! (which may extend into life-long relationships) by the simple act of giving gifts of self."

I started this community so that we can share our items before we mail them (so that not only the 1 person who gets your item can admire it). We can also show and tell what we get in the mail.